Internet Connectivity

post4Internet connectivity is a RemoteWorks specialty. Our proven vendor and partner relationships enable us to provide the equipment and ongoing service that is needed to more than meet your company’s internet requirements and budget. Expert technicians can also offer analysis and consultation in order to determine what sort of internet solution is most appropriate for your business.  You can confidently look to RemoteWorks for an internet solution that is efficient, robust, and economical.

Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone Systems

VoIP systems operate upon a technology that allows phone calls to be made over a broadband internet connection. These systems are known for providing voice transmissions with more clarity and a better overall sound quality than traditional analog phones. Additionally, VoIP technology is easier to configure, and allows for a more rich array of options.

RemoteWorks is a reseller and service provider for the 3Com and Cisco VoIP phone systems. If your company is in the market for a VoIP solution, one of our trained technicians can evaluate your needs, explain available options, and then deliver a phone system that best serves the particulars of your business environment.  And by operating all VoIP services and support in-house, RemoteWorks keeps your costs down, eliminating the double billing that often results from a need to call upon different network and phone technicians.

Benefits of VoIP Phones:

  • Lower operational costs than traditional phone systems
  • Greater opportunity for staff members to work remotely
  • Improved communications with remote locations and / or branch operations
  • Enables businesses to dial-by-extension to other office locations via Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Allows for maximum utilization of Microsoft Office Products
  • Offers more technology advantages, and at lower costs than traditional phone systems  
  • Offers conferencing, voice, and video functionalities
  • Offers security monitoring

Mobile Phone and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Support

RemoteWorks has years of experience implementing, utilizing, and servicing wireless data phones and PDAs. We can install, configure, and support all of your wireless devices and integrate them with a Blackberry Enterprise server, Exchange server, or any other wireless email provider in order to offer full data synchronization. A RemoteWorks technician can also be called upon to determine which wireless data solution would best serve the needs of your company. Moreover, when you rely on RemoteWorks as your first line of technical support, you can be sure that the issue at hand will be promptly and courteously addressed, and without the need for you to have direct dealings with your service provider.