Advances in Information Technology (IT) improve the efficiency, quality, and overall safety of health care.

Today's health care industry involves considerable information sharing among physicians' offices, hospitals, imaging centers, clinical laboratories, patients, etc. In order to best accommodate this post2dynamic, more and more health care providers are calling upon the networks and standards that are needed to readily access and share information electronically.

Managing the IT framework that supports a healthcare provider requires an in-depth understanding of the revolving technical compliances industry. RemoteWorks currently handles the largest concentration of medical groups in South Florida, specializing in supporting multi-location physician practices that have anywhere from 1 to more than 50 facilities. Our offerings are comprehensive, and we provide health care partners with technical implementation, migration, and full support of their IT frameworks.

IT Health Care Products
RemoteWorks provides consultation, implementation, and support for many of the IT products typically employed by health care businesses and practitioners.

Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR)

B0004P 0296EHR systems – or, as they are also sometimes called, 'Electronic Medical Records Systems (EMR)' – have emerged as a way of eliminating paper charts as the central vehicle for patient data. Since all EFR information exists in digital form however, it is important that a support mechanism be in place to handle any technical issues not covered by your EHR vendor, as well as provide maintenance and upgrades for all of the equipment that the EHR system uses.

As an expert in EHR technology, RemoteWorks is ready to be the first line of expert-level support for your systems.

Speech Recognition
Speech recognition technology works to convert spoken words into machine-readable input. In the healthcare industry, this technology is regularly used as a means of efficiently transcribing physician orders and medical records. There are a number of commercially-available software packages that provide speech recognition functionality, and they can easily pay for themselves by minimizing or even eliminating the need for a provider to hire transcriptionists.

RemoteWorks provides installation and support for voice recognition applications and hardware, and currently services many practices using this technology.

Imaging Solutions
pic_3Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) technology captures and integrates diagnostic and radiological images from various devices (e.g., x-ray, MRI, computed tomography scan), stores them, and then makes them available for dissemination to medical records, clinical data repositories, or other points of care. By storing digitized radiology images, PACS can lower the costs associated with acquiring and storing films, and can also help to reduce the workload among radiology staff.

RemoteWorks has extensive experience with imaging solutions and can provide purchasing consultations for your business. We are also set up to act as the first line of technical support for any PACS system. Our relationships with PACS vendors give us a service advantage that translates into timely and seamless support for your system.